The Indian Living Legend - Mr.Rajiv Dixit Ji

The Indian Living Legend - Mr.Rajiv Dixit Ji

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Friends, What is said in the introduction of Rajiv Dixit is less! It is impossible to make their introduction to a few words! This thing can be understood by those people who have heard and understood Rajiv Dixit deeply !! Still, we have tried a few attempts to give the introduction to some words! Before starting the introduction, we want to make it clear that as we try to tell you about Rajiv Bhai, we will be less than 1% of the work done in his life! They have to know fully if you have to listen to their lectures !!

Rajiv Dixit was born on November 30, 1967, in the village of Atrauli tehsil of Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh state, in the village of Radheshyam Dikshit and Mata Mithilesh Kumari. He got the primary and secondary education from a school in Firozabad district !! After this, he started the B.C. from JK Institute of Allahabad City. take. And obtained the degree of M. Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology. After that, Rajiv Bhai worked for some time at the Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Also worked with Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam !!

Mr. Rajeev ji has completed B.Tech from JK Institute of Allahabad While taking education, it was linked to the "freedom struggle movement" which was founded by Shri Banwari Lal Sharma, who was the chief teacher of the Department of Mathematics at Allahabad University. In this institution, Rajiv Bhai was the spokesman; In the institution, Shri Abhai Pratap, Saint Sameer, Keshar ji, Ram Dhiraj ji, Manoj Tyagi ji and Yogesh Kumar Mishra ji researcher used to do research on their own subjects, which was published by the institution "New freedom annihilation" used to be published in the Salt Monthly Magazine and with a strong voice of Rajiv Bhai, a wide range of lectures in the corner-corner of the country The revolution that Rajiv ji took to fulfill his responsibilities as a true patriot, which is incredible!!

Since childhood, Rajiv was deeply interested in knowing the problems of the country! The cost of 800 rupees per month was used to read their magazines, all kinds of newspapers! He was still in the ninth grade that he asked a teacher from his history to answer a question which the teacher did not even answer as you know that we are taught in the books of history that the first war with the British King of India In 1757, there was Robert Clive at Palassi's ground and Nawab Sirajuddaula of Bengal! In that war, Robert Clive defeated Siraj Dudola and after that India was enslaved !!

Hundreds of questions related to the country's independence were roaming around Rajiv Bhai's mind day and night! Meanwhile, he met Prof. Dharmapala, a historian whose books are taught in America but not in India !! Rajiv Bhai, his guru also believes Dharmapal ji, he helped him find answers to many questions of Rajiv Bhai! He made available Rajiv Bhai's document about India, which was kept in the Library House of Commons of England, in which the British had fully described how they made India slaves! Rajiv Bhai studied all the documents very much and he got to know how much wrong history is being taught about the people of India! To bring the truth in front of the people, Rajiv Bhai started giving lectures by visiting village-village, city-city! Together with the history of the country and other serious problems of the country and looking for its solution !!

One thing that was always troubling Rajiv ji, even after independence, English law in India would run just like that, and after Independence, foreign companies would loot India as if East India was looted before independence! Even after independence, in India, the cow would be killed like at the time of British, what is the meaning of our country's independence?


After knowing all these things, Rajiv Bhai resolved to start this same Swadeshi movement once again against these foreign companies and the English laws in India, as Bal Gangadhar Tilak had taken against the British at any time !! In order to bring full independence to its nation and to form an economic power, he pledged to be a lifelong Brahmin and lived it for life. They went to village-village, city-city and told people about the English law going on in India, truth of half-hearted freedom, robbery of foreign companies in India! In 1999, cassettes of Rajiv's indigenous lectures made the whole country smile.