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Most of the time we blame oil as main culprit for producing diseases in body. Yes that’s right. Oily food is certainly an invitation to obesity, cardiac diseases, ENT disorders and many more but it is only one side of coin. Every time when you use the word oil to describe its disadvantages do not forget to second the word “REFINED OIL” Refined oil is the biggest perpetrator to develop the diseases in human body.

The days were gone in toss when our fathers and forefathers used to bring fresh cooking oil from the local chakki fondly called as “wooden press chakki” or “Lakadi Ghana.” Stepping in advance with the tremendous growth of industrialization that severely hit our traditional healthy food life style and brought altogether the defiled consumption offood items made in the factories.

The termterm “cooking oil” refers to variety of oils extracted from plants and crops. Most of us do not even remember from when we have started to eat the oil termed as “Refined Oil” which is filtered and processed at the factories.“Wooden press chakki” became an outdated and rustic and Somehow it was more of an option of a fashion for many of us to bring the oil rapped in an ostensible package accompanying foul claims of being healthy oil for cooking.

Refined cooking oils are made by highly concentrated mechanical and chemical processes to extract the oil from the seeds. This process removes all the natural nutrients from the seeds and   final product comes up which is tasteless and without any benefits to our health. The oxidation factorof these refining process creates the risk of breaking down into cancer causing free radicals within the body.

Most of refined vegetable oils are also hydrogenated.Hydrogenation whether complete or partial, it  is  known as chemical process in which hydrogen is added to liquid oils to turn them into a solid form. This hydrogenated fat molecules have trans fats which is worst type of fat we consume. This hydrogenation process makes oil intosolid form at room temperature. These solid forms known as margarine and shortening. If you are likely to buy these margarine and shortenings, thinking as best option for low fat diet you are probably wrong. This hydrogenation process further damages the fatty acids in the oils, creating trans fatty acids, which are particularly dangerous to human health.

So the reason this refined oil is now termed as “traitor” for our heart is that the consumption of vegetable oils created through chemical extraction processes is linked with far-flung inflammation deep within the body tissues, vitiated insulin response as well as elevated blood triglycerides. Multiple studies shown an authentic link of these refined oils to diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Refined oils proven to be another culprit of aggravating vat dosha in our body. Elevated vata is the vital reason of obesity.

There was an era in our country where we had a tradition to make cooking oil by beating oil seeds in long cylindrical wooden contraption called as “ghana”. In the said Ghana oil seeds used to be grinded until it become paste and oil come out. This was the simplest method known as “cold-pressing” the oil out of a seeds as it doesn’t involve any chemical process or hydrogenation. The residue or the oil cake was used as fodder for cattle.

The essential reason for adding this cold press Ghana oil in your kitchen should be-

  1. Cold pressed oils are rich in Vitamins and minerals which has anti-inflammatory, healing properties.
  2. Cold-pressing of oil eliminates all the harmful effects which arise from the chemical methods of oil extraction.
  3. Cold pressed oils are good source of oleic acid which strengthens the immune system.
  4. These oils enhance the amount of good cholesterol i.e. (HDL) thereby eliminating risk of cardiac strokes and heart attacks.
  5. These cold press oils retain healthy anti-oxidantsproperties These anti-oxidants properties fight harmful free radicals and prevent the growth of tumours in our body.
  6. Regular use of these oils eliminates the excess vata from our body.

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